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Here’s How:

Easyfundraising helps charities, schools, sports clubs, community groups, and other good causes to raise money when their supporters shop online. When you shop with one of the retailers who work with Easyfundraising, a donation is raised from that retailer to your good cause. There are over 2,000 well known stores in the scheme e.g. Tesco Direct, Amazon, National Tyres, Argos. For more information see Easyfundrasing’s Retailers and How it Works pages.


To claim donations you need to register. You can either click on the banner above and “Support us now” or go to easyfundraising.org.uk, click “I want to Suppregisterort a good cause” and choose Kinlochewe Primary School. You will then be asked for the usual registration information: name, email address and to create a password.

During registration you will be given the option of instlling the
Find & Remind
toolbar. This adds an extension to your browser which will notify you automatically when there are donations on offer.
As a reminder, this works very well but some of us have found that on older machines, searches are a bit slower with the toolbar running. There’s no harm in trying out the toolbar for yourself as it can be enabled and disabled easily or completely removed if you don’t like it (see how to disable or uninstall the easyfundraising toolbar)

how to

 Claiming Donations without using the Easyfunding toolbar

If you are not using the Find & Remind toolbar then in order to claim a donation while you shop you will need to initiate a search for your online shop (Tescos, Foyles, etc) from your easyfundraising account.

 using the find

When you do a normal search, a blue notice will appear against any company that has agreed to donate. If you browse to one of these companies you will also get a yellow panel appear as in the e.g. below.

If you use Chrome as your browser using 2then the only sign of the easyfundraising toolbar is the little dark blue “ef” button on the top bar. If you click on it you will see the equivalent of the side panel in Internet Explorer.

In any browser, if you go to a participating retailer’s site, a yellow banner will appear to alert you to a possible donation. If you click to claim the donation the panel will retreat.

Many thanks to everyone who is trying it out!!