The Nursery children have had a lovely time playing in the new outdoor sand/mud kitchen. Thank you to everyone who helped to get this up and running. It’s a great addition to our outdoor area.



Here are some fun activities you might like to be doing with the children during lockdown. If you have ideas you would like to share please send to

Out of the box!

Some homes have more cardboard boxes around than usual at the moment as we have to get more things delivered

This may be a nuisance, but cardboard boxes are also one of the most useful resources for play and learning. They can be anything your child wants to imagine them to be – a castle, a boat, a hat, or even just a box to put things in!

Today the idea is simply to give your child some boxes and some decorating materials and see what they do with them. If they are stuck you can help with ideas, but the best learning will come from them taking the lead and you following

Remember to chat about what they are doing – say what you see (try not to ask too many questions!) and wait for a response.

Virtual Zoo

A link to Edinburgh and Chester zoo where they stream live footage of some of their animals if your wee  ones are interested.

Bake with mudmud kitchen at nurseryUse old pots, pans and cutlery and cook up some delicious mud cakes using mud, seasoned with flowers, stones, leaves and seeds.




2 metre play togethers

Now we are in Phase 1 of lockdown in Scotland, there is more scope for being with friends and family outdoors – as long as we all follow the advice carefully

There is lots of fun and learning we can share even when 2 metres apart. Today’s idea develops listening and attention, language and self-control.

We offered it a few weeks ago for playing during video chats – still good for this, but can also be played outdoors from a distance. Or just at home with your child can be fun too.

Make an action – can your child copy you? Gradually make it more complicated. Label what you are doing with words.

If that goes well, then “Simon says” is a great way to take it further

I am a Tiger!

Today we have a story to share about a small mouse who thinks he is a tiger!

And why not? We learn in the story that even small people still have courage and dreams

It is a lot of fun to act out and pretend to be all the animals. And at the same time we learn about categories and comparing


Something for outdoors today – or inside if you have a suitable space that can get a bit wet!

It is all-day fun, and great for developing concentration, movement skills, vocabulary, understanding of cause and effect, science …

Use empty bottles, cartons or anything else you have around the house to build a water wall. Attach them to something static like a fence using screws, cable ties or garden wire. A basin at the bottom means you can collect the water and refill the containers on the wall. If you keep the lids of the containers you can pop them on and collect rain water to use next time.


Learning how to dress themselves including tying buttons and doing up zips can be challenging for early years. Here is a link with some ideas and strategies which can help your children. 


Number spotting!

There are numbers everywhere, and just by pointing them out and chatting to your child about them, they will learn lots about maths and how it works

See how many you can spot – and around you don’t usually notice?

And the different forms – clocks, house signs, addresses, phone numbers, recipes, games

You might be surprised how often you use counting just running a home – see if you can do some of this out loud with your child!


 Bake with mud

mud kitchen at nursery

Use old pots, pans and cutlery and cook up some delicious mud cakes using mud, seasoned with flowers, stones, leaves and seeds.

 Treasure hunt

find the toys

Hide some brightly coloured toys around the garden and ask your little one to see if they can find them – make sure you remember which toys you’ve hidden, and most importantly, where! Don’t make it too tricky or your finders will quickly lose interest.

Hairy Maclary

A story today that will make us laugh, while stretching our memories and showing us how stories and sequences fit together
All poor Hairy Maclary and his friends want to do is explore the town
But they get a terrible fright …
You can listen to and read the story with your child using the link below – and then see how your own explorations go! A chance as well to talk about friends, the things that might scare us, and how we can all be safe together
Click here for the story and play ideas!Download

Spot the Difference!

Adults have two really important skills that we almost never think about. But they underlie nearly every decision we make.

Think about how we choose where to go on holiday – we compare different options (sunshine or shopping?) To do this we have to put things into categories and compare them.

The other skill is seeing things from more than one perspective. This is all about understanding other people, and situations. It’s also a really important part of maths and problem solving

So how do we learn these skills? Through playing and talking of course!

Today’s idea is all about spotting the difference between any objects you have in the home. You can play it online too once your child has got the idea of it

Click here for how to playDownload

A link to bookbug sessions on facebook

This Bookbug Week is Bookbug’s 10th birthday and they are celebrating with a special LIVE Bookbug session today, Friday, 22 May at 10am.
An extravaganza of songs, rhymes and, of course, a lovely story which your families can access here


Today we have a game about observing and remembering

You can play this with any small objects you have around the home – start with a couple until your child gets the idea. They may even want to challenge you!

Anyone in the family can play, and it is another good one to enjoy with loved ones during a video chat


 18.05.20     Weekly challenge  
Make ramps using books resting on tins etc. at different gradients.
Roll a ball or car down each slope and talk about how fast or far each
one goes.  Why do some go faster than others? Can they estimate/guess where each one will stop?

Making a pinwheel is easier than it looks and the fun is in watching them spin once they are finished.

It can also be really therapeutic for you and your children. Pinwheels can be used in mindfulness activities, to help you to concentrate on your breathing. Or just watching the spin and feeling how it changes as you blow helps with focus and calm

The patterns can be as simple or creative as you like. There are a couple of templates on the attachment below, but if you prefer you can start with a plain piece of paper and get arty!

Pinwheels make a super rainy day activity, but if you are lucky enough get a dry day why not take them outside and see if you can get them spinning in a breeze?



Painting with Water – a Fun, Outdoor Activity for Kids

This simple activity will entertain kids all summer long! Painting with water is so much fun, it’s easy to set-up, and it’s mess free!

You don’t always need paint to create a masterpiece – a dry day is the perfect time to get creative using nothing but a paint brush and a tub of water.

Try different techniques – splashing, flicking, smoothly painting…

This simple outdoor activity will entertain kids all summer long! Painting with water is so much fun, it's easy to set-up, and it's mess free! - Happy Hooligans

Ten pin bowling


Some ideas for early literacy activity about spiders!! with useful websites on the attachment


Digging for treasure

garden sensory tub

Collect together a few small objects and bury them in a sandpit or a small box filled with soil. Encourage your toddler to uncover the treasure using different tools such as spoons, spades and a collander for sieving sand.

13/05/20: Rainbow Water Xylophone – a nice activity for nursery children….

Here’s the link to this fun activity. Thanks to David, Community EYP, for helping with some of the nursery activities. Water Xylophone

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13/05/20: Kodaly Music – here is a great link to music videos and singing. Thank you to Dolina for the link.

24th February 2020 – Nursery survey results.

Thank you very much to those parents who completed our survey.  Here are the results, some of the things we have done, and what we plan to do next. Your feedback is very important to us. Parent Questionnaire Jan results

Tuesday 17th December

The children in nursery joined in with the school performance of Wind in the Willows. They enjoyed joining in the with the songs and actions and Charlie played an excellent mole.

Friday 1st November

Today the nursery children went to visit our friends in Sheildaig for their Halloween party. We had a great time joining in with their Halloween celebrations.

Thursday 12th September

Nursery joined the primary school children from Kinlochewe and Gairloch to take part in a drumming workshop. We watched a performance of the Kakasitsi drummers and then took part in drumming and dancing workshops.

20190912_114455 (2)

Wednesday 3rd July

Yesterday we joined the school for a visit to Gairloch for the end of year trip. We went on the glass bottom boat with Tim and we also visited Sands beach. We had fun on the boat and found lots of creatures in the rock pools.

Friday 28th June

Earlier in the week we joined the school for some problem solving activities. We made towers the would allow water to travel from the top to the bottom.

Thursday 20th June

Nursery joined the children in school today to pick blackcurrants from our garden. We then used these to make blackcurrant jam.

Monday 17th June

The nursery children joined the school children for a french breakfast this morning.

We heard all about the things the school children had been learning and we got to try some “yummy” french food.  Jayden really enjoyed the pain au chocolat and the fruit.

Tuesday 4th June

Today we joined the children in main school for a litter pick on Gairloch beach. This gave us a great chance to see some things living on the beach and also to collect some shells for our work on seas shores. Jayden was thrilled to be able to see a very large starfish.

Friday 30th May

Today nursery joined the main school in a trip to Coulin estate to see the new hydro power station. Not only was it great to see the turbine but this was another good transition opportunity for Jayden to spend time with his friends in the main school. We also enjoyed seeing the highland cows, horses, waterfalls and wonderful scenery of Coulin estate. Thank you to Neil and the staff for showing us around.

Thursday 30th May

Today the children from the school joined us to release our butterflies. We released 5 butterflies who are now enjoying life in our garden.

Kinlochewe Nursery is currently open 4 mornings a week, Tuesday through to Friday, from 9am until 1pm. Fiona Price is our Early Years Practitioner and is always happy to talk about the Nursery with current and prospective parents.


Songs and games flyer

Enjoying the outdoors.

Planting and bug walks this week!

The nursery joined the school children to make chocolate nests for our Easter afternoon.  They shared them with their Mum’s and Dad’s.

Jayden and Harris had a great time making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.

The Nursery joined the school children to make cakes for Comic Relief Day and also joined them for soup lunch and free cycle event in the Village Hall.