Parent Council

Welcome to the Kinlochewe Primary School Parent Council page.

Informal parental liaison has been a very successful method of communicating with parents, and the School appreciates and enjoys the benefits of these meetings.  In accordance with the Scottish schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006, the school has an established Parent Council and works closely with parents. The Parent Council is very supportive of the work of the school. It helps with fund raising – enabling us to purchase new library furniture, provide overnight activity trips, visit the theatre, attend sporting competitions etc.

Meetings are held at least once a term and provide a forum for discussion on a variety of school related issues. All parents are invited to attend meetings and minutes are posted on our website. The Parent Council is a most helpful vehicle for gathering parental opinion and sharing views and supports our aim to work in partnership with all stakeholders.

Chairperson: Mr Jonathan Petrie (parent)

Secretary: Mrs Lorna Taylor (parent)

Treasurer: Mr Graham Phillips

Both parents may be contacted through school.

Parents and school may also be contacted by phone, e-mail or text supporting our aim to be “open” with direct, easy and responsive access.

 Here is a useful Presentation on Parent Councils and what they’re for etc.

Documents circulated following Parent Council Conference 2 Nov 2013


  • Scottish Parent Teacher Council – SPTC is the national organization for parents’ groups in Scottish schools.  They offer help and advice to all parents.
  • National Parent Forum of Scotland – The NPFS was set up to give Parent Councils and Parents an opportunity to discuss and raise educational issues of mutual interest or concerns at a national level.
  • ParentZone – a useful site for all parents and carers.

At our February 2014 meeting we circulated advice from the Highland Children’s Forum on how parent councils can involve parents of children who require additional support for learning. We are happy that our school (of only 7 pupils) works closely with all parents individually but here is the Scottish Advice service article giving further ideas and best practice.

If you have any queries or issues please feel free to get in touch: